Roller Girl

Roller GirlRoller Girl
by Victoria Jamieson
Grades 4-7

When Astrid’s mom takes Astrid and her best friend Nicole to a Roller Derby bout, Astrid is fascinated with this new (to her) sport. She immediately signs up for a roller derby summer camp and doesn’t understand why Nicole would rather go to dance camp. Astrid feels betrayed by Nicole, especially when she learns that Nicole is friends with Rachel, Astrid’s elementary school tormentor. Staying true to herself, Astrid throws herself into Roller Derby camp. She learns important lessons about teamwork and friendship, and gains the strength she will need to make it through middle school. An empowering look at what can happen when best friends grow apart.

This graphic novel will appeal to fans of Smile, Sisters, and El Deafo, as well as to sporty girls looking for a book that speaks to their middle school experiences. Highly recommended for grades 4-7.

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