Red Butterfly

Red ButterflyRed Butterfly
by A.L. Sonnichsen

Kara has grown up living in a small apartment in Tianjin, China, with her Mama who rarely leaves the apartment. Her Daddy is in Montana, and though Kara thinks it would be easier to just go there, Mama says they can’t. The reason, as Kara finds out, is that Mama never legally adopted Kara. A neighbor found baby Kara abandoned on the street due to a birth defect on her right hand. Mama took her in and raised her, but never did anything official. Kara speaks English better than Chinese and has never been to school or out of her neighborhood. When everything comes crashing down around them, it is up to Kara to pick up the pieces and turn her life into something worth living. A powerful and moving story told in free-verse poetry based on the author’s own experiences in China. Highly recommended to grades 5-8.

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