The One Safe Place

The One Safe PlaceThe One Safe Place
by Tania Unsworth
Grades 4 & up

In the not too distant future, the earth has gotten much hotter and rain is a rarity. Devin lives with his grandfather on a remote farm that has its own source of water. When his grandfather dies suddenly, Devin finds it too hard to manage on his own, and heads to the city to find help. But the city is not what he expected. Life is much harsher and crueler than he could have imagined. Thankfully, a girl named Kit befriends him, and teaches him how to survive. When he has the chance to escape for a better life, he won’t leave without her. But is the Home they find the place of their dreams, or of nightmares? A compelling read for young fans of dystopian fiction. Recommended for grades 4 and up.

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