Space Rocks!

Space Rocks!Space Rocks!
by Tom O’Donnell
Grades 3 & up

Chorkle is a Xotonian living on the asteroid Gelo, which has recently been invaded by people from Earth mining the asteroid for iridium. Told from his point of view, the reader gets an interesting look at humans and our customs. Along with the mining company are four children, aged 10-13. Chorkle steals one of their computer devices and teaches himself not only to play their video games, but English as well. When his fellow Xotonians vote to get rid of the invaders, he feels compelled to warn them. Through a series of missteps, he ends up causing the stranding of the four children on Gelo. This hilarious story looks at the opposite side of space travel through fresh eyes (five of them, actually). Recommended for grades 3-6.

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