Screaming at the Ump

Screaming at the UmpScreaming at the Ump
by Audrey Vernick
Grades 4 & up

Casey lives with his father and grandfather at the Behind the Plate umpire training school. Baseball is his life, though more than wanting to play he wants to write about it. The first day of middle school is also the first day of the five week Umpire Academy, the highlight of his year. As he and his best friend Zeke work on behind the scenes aspects of the Academy, Casey finds that middle school brings its own challenges. First, there is his mother, who wants to be back in his life after leaving several years ago. Then there is the school newspaper, which has never let sixth graders write articles before. Add to that the possibility that one of their umpire students is actually a disgraced baseball player accused of drug use, and this is a very different Umpire Academy indeed. For baseball lovers, grades 4 & up.

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