Nooks & Crannies

Nooks & CranniesNooks & Crannies
by Jessica Lawson
Grades 4 & up

The only joy that Tabitha Crum finds in this world are the Inspector Percival Pensive mysteries that she loves to read and her pet mouse, Pemberly. The rest of her life is dreary drudgery, with parents who are horrid and no friends other than her mouse. When a mysterious letter arrives, requesting her presence for the weekend at Hollingsworth Hall with the reclusive Countess of Windermere, she hopes that her life will change for the better. Upon arrival, she and the other five children find themselves embroiled in a mystery, in a mansion rumored to be haunted, shut in by a blizzard. Taking place in 1906, there is just enough electricity for it to flicker out ominously during the storm. Tabitha must use everything she has learned from the Inspector Pensive books to figure out what is going on. This book has a definite Sherlock Holmes/Agatha Christie feel to it, and will appeal to mystery lovers in grades 4 & up.

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