by Jon Scieszka
grade 4 & up

I am hesitant to call this an autobiography, since that makes it sound like a dry summary of Jon Scieska’s life. What it is instead is an absolutely hysterical series of vignettes from Jon’s childhood. It is a wonderful book, laugh out loud funny, and provides a great deal of insight into how he became the writer he is today. Childhood pictures of Jon and his five brothers accompany the hilarious escapades of their youth. From Catholic school to a military boarding school, from their antics at home to the rest of their neighborhood, there is never a dull moment in this book! Recommend mostly for boys, but girls will enjoy it too. If you love his other book, you need to read this look at Jon Scieszka’s childhood.

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  1. Lisa Young says:

    Yapha, I can’t believe I have never checked out this blog of yours! I read this book and loved it too.

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