Hunter & Elite

Hunter (Hunter, #1)Hunter
by Mercedes Lackey
Grades 7 & up

You can take the girl out of the mountains, but not the mountains out of the girl! Hunter Joyeaux has been summoned to Apex, the capital city, away from the rugged mountains where she was raised. There she faces the same challenges as a Hunter, but on a much larger scale. This book is stronger on world building than on plot, but still makes an absorbing read as Joyeaux learns to navigate the political intrigue and celebrity demands on Hunters in the city. It’s not just the Otherworld monsters that she has to worry about in Apex. Highly recommended to fans of Hunger Games and Divergent, grades 7 & up.

ARC provided by publisher.

Elite (Hunter, #2)Elite
by Mercedes Lackey
Grades 6 & up

Joyeaux is now an Elite Hunter. With her pack of 11 magical hounds, she can work either alone or with a small team of other Hunters. Because of this, her uncle (the head of police) gives her a special assignment — to patrol the storm drains underneath the city. Something strange is happening down there, something that her uncle does not want made public yet. As Joy begins that assignment, other unusual events begin to occur. There are severe storms, the likes of which have not been seen in Apex in long time. New Otherworlders are appearing in unusual places. And massive attacks of the regular Otherworlders are happening with alarming frequency. Joy’s abilities are tested and her limits are stretched as she works to protect those she loves. Must read Hunter first. Recommended for grades 6 & up.

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