by Karen Harrington
Grades 4 & up

Wayne Kovok loves facts. He spouts random facts to ease the tension and change the subject in awkward situations. But after he and his mother survive a horrific plane crash, Wayne loses his voice. (Literally. This is not an emotional or psychological loss. He damaged his vocal cords in the accident.) Now his ex-Army drill sergeant grandfather has moved in with them while he and his mother heal. There is no love lost between Wayne’s father and grandfather, and Wayne feels that his grandfather thinks less of him because he is a Kovok and not a true Dalton. Unhappy with how his father treats him, Wayne wishes that he was more of a Dalton as well. He sets out on a quest to locate his uncle’s flag which was lost in the crash. He hopes that if he can find it, all will be right in his world again. As Wayne recovers, he learns more about himself and his family, with a deeper understanding of his own place in the world. This powerful story of a boy finding his own voice (both literally and figuratively) is a must read. Highly recommended for grades 4 & up.

ARC provided by publisher

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