The Best Worst Thing

The Best Worst ThingThe Best Worst Thing
by Kathleen Lane
Grades 4 & up

This was a very hard book to read because of the realistic, stream of consciousness style of presenting Maggie’s thoughts. I found my heart beating faster as I read through all of Maggie’s checks and re-checks.

Maggie worries. A lot. About everything. And these worries are much more than the usual starting middle school worries. She worries that horrible things are going to happen to her family. She needs to keep everyone safe by performing certain rituals such as repeating everything twice, making sure she only has an even number of items, and holding her breath for a specific amount of seconds. If she makes any mistakes she must start over. She has a nightly routine of checking every door and window in the house, plus under and behind furniture. Maggie doesn’t like being scared all of the time and she doesn’t like feeling out of control. As she re-examines her fears, she begins to make a plan to save at least one thing that is important to her. For introspective readers, grades 4 & up.

ARC provided by publisher.

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