Wishing Day

Wishing Day (Wishing Day #1)Wishing Day
by Lauren Myracle
Grades 4 & up

It is Natasha’s Wishing Day and she is overwhelmed with the choices. She has to choose one wish that is impossible (should she wish for her mother to come back?), one wish that she can make come true (a kiss?), and one that is the deepest wish of her secret heart (???). The oldest of three sisters whose mother disappeared eight years before, they are being raised by their very different aunts. Aunt Vera is down to earth and thinks the magic is a waste of time while Aunt Elena is a firm believer in the magic that runs through their family and their town.The consequences of Natasha’s wishes are mixed into the day-to-day trials of being in middle school, plus she keeps running into the very odd Bird Lady who gives her cryptic messages. As Natasha tries to untangle her mess, she starts to see clues pointing towards her mother’s disappearance. Can she figure it out and find out what happened to her mother? The first in a new series. Fans of Wendy Mass’s Willow Falls books will enjoy this. Recommended for grades 4 & up.

eARC provided by Edelweiss

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