The Secret Keepers

The Secret KeepersThe Secret Keepers
by Trenton Lee Stewart
Grades 4 & up

It’s a hard time for Reuben and his mom. They have had to move to a smaller apartment in a poorer area and his mom is working two jobs trying to make ends meet. Reuben spends his days exploring different sections of town, avoiding the Directions — men employed by The Smoke, the mysterious and evil overlord of their city. One day he finds a gorgeous, antique, and clearly expensive pocket watch. While he tries to figure out how he can use it to make things better for himself and his mother, Reuben discovers the magical properties of the watch. Unfortunately, he also alerts others to its presence, including people who will stop at nothing to get it. Now Reuben must figure out where it came from and how to protect his family before it is too late. But who can he trust with this secret? An exciting adventure with twists, turns, and double-crosses throughout. Recommended for grades 4 & up.

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