My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights

My Seventh-Grade Life in TightsMy Seventh-Grade Life in Tights
by Brooks Benjamin
Grades 5 & up

Dillon Parker wants to dance. Really dance. Since quitting karate, he has been using a martial arts version of dancing full of kicks and punches. He and his two closest friends, Kassie and Carson, have formed a dance crew (Dizzee Freekz) and are putting together videos of their dancing. But they won’t teach Dillon the classical dance forms that they learned before they left their studios. When the chance comes up to audition for a spot at Dance-splosion, Kassie’s old studio, Dillon really wants to try for it, even though he knows how much Kassie hates the place. But instead of forbidding him to try, she puts together a plan that will get revenge on both the studio and her nemesis. When everything starts to fall apart, Dillon must choose between his friends and the kind of dancing he wants to do. A fun book about the hard choices we all face in middle school. Recommended for grades 5 & up.

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