Wing and Claw, Books 1 & 2

Forest of Wonders (Wing & Claw #1)Forest of Wonders
by Linda Sue Park
Grades 3 & up

Raffa is the son of apothecaries and a very talented young apothecary himself. He sees and hears things as he is combining herbs that allow him to create perfect mixtures. When an injured bat crashes into his house, Raffa and his cousin Garith venture into the Forest of Wonders to find a vine that his great grandmother once found, something his father thinks may be the bat’s only hope. They find the vine, but the effects when they try it are much more than they had expected. Raffa sets off to the city to warn Garith and is even more surprised by what he finds happening there. There is plenty of humor sprinkled through this adventure. A fabulous start to a new series! Highly recommend for grades 3 & up.

Cavern of Secrets (Wing & Claw #2)Cavern of Secrets
by Linda Sue Park
Grades 4 & up

This second book in the Wing & Claw series finds Raffa, Kuma, and Garith at the end of a hard winter. Now that spring has come, and Roo has woken up from hibernation, the three decide to return to civilization to find out what has been going on. Unfortunately, they are still wanted by the Chancellor for the events in the first book. It is clear as well that she is continuing on with her evil and secret plot. Will they be able to stop her with even more obstacles in their way? Recommended for grades 4 & up. You really need to read this series in order.

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