Waylon! One Awesome Thing

Waylon! One Awesome ThingWaylon! One Awesome Thing
by Sara Pennypacker
Grades 2 & up

Waylon is having a rough start to fourth grade. Arlo (the most popular boy) is splitting the boys into two “teams.” As much as Waylon wants to be on the same team as Arlo, he is upset about being separated from his friends. He doesn’t really understand what the point of this is or why it would be fun. When a former student with a bad reputation returns to their class, Waylon finds himself pulled in a third direction. Things are not easy at home either, with his teenage sister pulling away from the family and into a downward spiral of moodiness. All Waylon wants to do is learn fun science facts and invent things to make the world better. But how can he do that when he is stuck between these different factions? A great story about the friendship and the power of the images that we projects to others. Highly recommended for grades 2 & up.

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