Eden’s Wish

Eden's Wish (Eden of the Lamp, #1)Eden’s Wish
by M. Tara Crowl
Grades 4 & up

Eden is the latest in a long line of genies. She has been granting wishes for the past two years, since she was 10 years old. Each genie born in the lamp must grant 999 wishes before they are free; the 1000th wish is their own. How long this takes depends on how quickly the lamp is found each time. So far Eden has granted 33 wishes, and she can’t stand being stuck inside the lamp. She longs for a life on Earth, where she can see the sky and feel the sun. When she discovers a way out of the lamp, she jumps at the chance. But life on earth is not what she expected. She ends up at a middle school in San Diego, trying to find her way through seventh grade. When two different factions of past genies come looking for her, Eden has to make some quick decisions about who and what is most important her. A fun read for grades 4 & up. I’m looking forward to more books in the series.

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