Maxi’s Secrets

Maxi's Secrets: (or what you can learn from a dog)Maxi’s Secrets
by Lynn Plourde
Grades 4 & up

Timminy is not excited to be moving to the small town where his father is set to be the Assistant Principal at the middle school. He is even less excited that the middle school starts in fifth grade, so he will be going there as well. Exceptionally short for a fifth grader, he knows that he will undoubtedly be teased and picked on. As a consolation, his parents offer to get him a dog. He picks out a Grand Pyrenees puppy. Maxi is an incredible dog and Timminy is stunned to learn that she is deaf. With the help of his next door neighbor Abby, who is blind and in sixth grade, Timminy learns to appreciate all that Maxi can do. With Maxi and Abby’s help, Timminy begins to make friends and negotiate middle school. He realizes that every cloud does have a silver lining if you look for it. Each chapter ends with inspiring life lessons, or secrets. Highly recommended for grades 4 & up. (Note: Bring Kleenex. I sobbed my way through the end of this book.)

ARC provided by publisher.

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