The Best Man

The Best ManThe Best Man
by Richard Peck
Grade 4 & up

Archer Magill’s fifth grade year is full of change. His grandfather, whom he idolizes, becomes ill. His teacher goes out on maternity leave half way through the year, and in addition to a new teacher, his class has a student teacher, the first male teacher in the history of the school. Then sixth grade doesn’t start like he expected at all. Luckily he has his dad and his Uncle Paul to guide him through the rough spots. Archer is fairly clueless about some things in life, but also easily takes them as they come. His best friend Lynette always knows everything before he does, which only bothers him if she doesn’t tell him. Written in celebration of the Marriage Equality Act, this book opens with one wedding and closes with another. Along the way it is full of both lighthearted and poignant moments, just like real life. Recommended for grades 4 & up.

ARC provided by publisher.

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