A Clatter of Jars

A Clatter of JarsA Clatter of Jars
by Lisa Graff
Grades 3 & up

This companion book to A Tangle of Knots continues the look at the divisiveness between those who have Talents and those who are Fair. Lily and Max, Chuck and Ellie, and Renny and Miles are all spending the summer at Camp Atropos, a camp for children with singular Talents. Each of them has a Talent, but for Lily, Chuck, and Renny, these Talents come with burdens and secrets as well. In addition, Jo, the camp director, has found a way to use the lake to make copies of the campers’ Talents. In the days leading up to the Talent show, each of the three children as well as Jo try to fix what they feel is broken. Unfortunately, in doing so they create trouble for everyone in camp. Can they use their Talents to straighten everything out before it is too late? For fans of the first book, grades 3 & up.

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