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by Denis Markell
Grades 4 & up

I just loved so much about this book! Pair it with Insert Coin to Continue for the video gamers in your life.

Ted has only met his Great-Uncle Ted (who he is named after) once, right before his great uncle dies. Ted is quite surprised when Great-Uncle Ted leaves him the entire contents of his apartment with cryptic instructions about finding a treasure. Ted is even more surprised when it turns into a real-life version of the Escape Room video games that he loves so much. As Ted and his friend Caleb, along with his dad’s boss’s daughter Isabel, work their way through the clues and surprises, a shady character seems to be following their every move. They learn more about Great-Uncle Ted, who was sent to an interment camp after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and then fought in Europe as part of a Japanese-American battalion. Is it possible the treasure they are searching for has something to do with his time overseas? The closer Ted and his friends come to solving the clues, the more real the danger becomes. A fantastic mystery with excitement on every page. Highly recommended for grades 4 & up.

eARC provided by publisher via NetGalley

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