The Green Bicycle

The Green BicycleThe Green Bicycle
by Haifaa al Mansour
Grades 4 & up

Growing up in Riyadh, Wadjda has a lot of limitations on what she is allowed to do. She also must cover up completely every time she goes outside. That doesn’t stop her from dreaming though, and when she sees the gorgeous green bicycle she knows that she has to find a way to buy it. Things at home and school are hard — her father is gone most of the time, her mother has a horrendous commute to work (and is at the mercy of her driver since women are not allowed to drive), there are rumors that her father is going to marry a second wife, she is ostracized at school, and is constantly getting in trouble. When it looks like the only way to get the money is to win a Quran recitation competition, Wadjda throws herself into it wholeheartedly. But can she learn in a few weeks what the other girls have been studying for years? American tweens will find much to identify with in this spunky 11-year-old from Saudi Arabia. Recommended for grades 4 & up.

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