The Wolf’s Boy

The Wolf's BoyThe Wolf’s Boy
by Susan Williams Beckhorn
Grades 4 & up

When Kai is born with a twisted foot, he is considered cursed and left to die. Instead, however, he is saved by a mother wolf who looks after him with her own pups. His own mother takes him back shortly thereafter, but he is not given a true name or allowed to hunt as the other boys do. He further breaks with tradition when he rescues a wolf pup runt and brings her to live with his family. As Uff grows older, Kai tries to teach her the wolf skills she needs to survive as well as how to behave among humans. When tragedy strikes, Kai sets out on his own rather than risk losing the wolf he has grown to love. Full of details about early humans, this well-researched and engaging story explores not only the bond between people and their dogs, but also looks at how we treat others who are different from ourselves. A fascinating adventure! Highly recommended for grades 4 & up.

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