Ghost (Track, #1)Ghost
by Jason Reynolds
Grades 5 & up

Running has played an important role in Ghost’s life since the night he and his mother ran for their lives, but he never considered it a real sport like basketball. That all changed when he literally runs into a local track team’s practice. Surprised by how much he likes it and how much he wants to be a part of the team, Ghost tries his best to stay out of “altercations” at school. This is hard though when he is targeted by the resident bully about where he lives, what he wears, and more. Luckily his new coach is supportive and sets appropriate consequences for his actions. The more Ghost becomes a part of the team the more he understands that while you can’t run away from who you are, you can run towards a better future. This powerful novel will resonant with all types of athletes hoping to find a better place through their sports. Highly recommended for grades 5 & up.

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