Dory Dory Black Sheep

Dory Dory Black SheepDory Dory Black Sheep
by Abby Hanlon
Kindergarten & up

This third book about 6-year-old Dory is the best one yet. Dory is upset that she doesn’t quite know how to read. Her good friend Rosabelle is already reading thick books, which is very frustrating for Dory. So she makes up her own story, which of course involves her fairy godmother Mr. Nuggy and her arch-enemy Mrs. Gobble Gracker as well as a farm, a lost sheep, a superhero, and a trip to outer space. Dory clearly knows the difference between her real world and her imaginary world, and children will have no trouble moving between the two. This beginning chapter book about a struggling reader is meta in the best way. Highly recommended for Kindergarten and up.

Book provided by publisher.

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