The Great Shelby Holmes

The Great Shelby Holmes (The Great Shelby Holmes, #1)The Great Shelby Holmes
by Elizabeth Eulberg
Grades 4 & up

John Watson has just moved to New York with his mother, after growing up on a variety of military bases. He meets his upstairs neighbor, Shelby Holmes, on move in day as she correctly deduces several things about his family. He becomes involved in her most recent case, trying to find a classmate’s show dog who disappeared. This is a fantastic middle grade mystery in classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle style, complete with red herrings and clever deductions. The cast of characters accurately represents what one would find near Columbia University, and the inclusivity is to be commended. Both Shelby and John are quirky and fun. My only quibble with the book (which is super minor) is that Shelby’s bulldog Sir Arthur would most likely be neutered and therefore be ineligible to compete as a show dog. This does not detract from the story, which may lead more students to read the originals. A fabulous homage to Sherlock Holmes. Highly recommended for grades 4 & up.

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