The Other Boy

The Other BoyThe Other Boy
by M.G. Hennessey
Grades 4 & up

Shane is is having a great sixth grade year! The baseball team that he and his best friend Josh are on is going to regionals, the girl he likes in his homeroom seems interested in him as well, and he feels like he really fits in. That is until he finds out that Nico, the mean kid in his grade, has cousins that went to his old school. And at his old school, Shane was a girl. Biologically a girl, Shane has always felt like a boy — a boy brain stuck in a girl’s body. When he and his mom moved between third and fourth grade, Shane took the opportunity to identify as a boy at his new school. Now Nico is spreading rumors, and Shane feels like his life is crumbling in front of him. Heart-wrenching at times and heart-warming at others, this book explores the hard reality facing many transgender tweens and teens today. Powerful and important. Recommended for grades 4 & up.

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