by Megan Shull
Grades 4 & up

13-year-old Frannie feels so alone in her family. Her older sister torments her and her older brother ignores her. Her parents seem to resent her. Life feels cold and miserable and she is full of fear. When her parents announce a surprise trip for just the two of them over Christmas, Frannie is terrified of being left alone. As her worst fears seem to come true, she falls asleep on Christmas Eve wishing for a new family and a different life. Imagine her surprise when she wakes up on Christmas morning in another girl’s body. She is now Dakota, with two loving parents and an adorable younger sister. Though still fearful, Frannie takes some chances and tries things she wouldn’t have as herself. When she wakes up the next morning, it is Christmas Day again, but this time she is in a different girl’s life. This happens several more times, and Frannie begins to gain both strength and wisdom from her changes. Both funny and poignant, this story helps illustrate that no matter what it looks like on the outside, everyone is fighting their own battles on the inside. With kindness and grace, each of us can find the resilience to go on. Highly recommended for grades 4 & up.

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