Juana and Lucas

Juana and LucasJuana and Lucas
by Juana Medina
Grades 1 & up

This super fun book is a great way to introduce early elementary students to kids like them living outside of the United States. Juana and her dog Lucas live in Bogota, Columbia. She takes us through her average school day, complete with lunch and recess, and we see the areas that are easy for her and where she struggles. This year she is starting to learn English and it is HARD. When she doesn’t see the importance of learning another language, she asks various people in her life what they think. They all answer positively, but it is her grandfather who manages to convince with her the promise of a trip to an amusement park in Florida. Sprinkled with Spanish words throughout, American kids will have no problem relating to spunky Juana. It is nice to see a book set in South America that does not deal with war or poverty. Highly recommended for grades 1 & up.

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