Sydney MacKenzie Knocks ‘Em Dead

Sydney MacKenzie Knocks 'Em DeadSydney MacKenzie Knocks ‘Em Dead
by Cindy Callaghan
Grades 5 & up

Sydney has been working hard at maintaining her image and status at her southern California middle school even as family finances get tighter and tighter. Then her parents drop the bombshell — they are moving to a small town in Delaware where her father just inherited a cemetery. Worse, their house is actually part of the cemetery. Sydney is surprised that she can’t play up the “California cool girl” persona at her new school. When she finds out the kids like creepy things, she works with that instead, telling the stories about her house being haunted (which may or may not be true). Things start to escalate when her new friends want to hold a seance. Can Sydney find a way to fit in without stretching the truth too much? A delightfully creepy twist on the issues of trying to fit in in middle school, with a smidge of romance and a pinch of history. Also includes some delicious sounding recipes! Recommended for grades 5 & up.

eARC provided by publisher via Edelweiss

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