The End of the Wild

The End of the WildThe End of the Wild
by Nicole Helget
Grades 4 & up

Things have been hard for sixth grader Fern for the two years since her mother and baby brother died in an accident. Her stepfather has a hard time finding a job. Money is tight and Fern ends up doing a lot to take care of her two younger brothers. Luckily, the woods near their house are plentiful, and Fern’s mother taught her what plants are edible and how best to cook them. Unfortunately, the woods are now in danger. A fracking company has come to their small town and wants to put the wastewater pond right in the woods. On the one hand, it will bring a lot of jobs to a town that desperately needs them. On the other, it may destroy the countryside around them. Fern feels caught in the middle, loving the woods, but knowing the difference a good job could make. A fair look at both sides of the fracking controversy. Recommended for grades 4 & up.

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