See You in the Cosmos

See You in the CosmosSee You in the Cosmos
by Jack Cheng
Grades 5 & up

Alex loves space, rockets, and truth, and he idolizes Carl Sagan, which is why he named his dog after him. With the help of an online forum, Alex has built his first rocket and is heading to a rocket festival in New Mexico to launch it and his “golden iPod” (modeled after Sagan’s golden record) into space. The story is told through Alex’s recordings on the iPod, and we gain insight into his life as he explains what is going on around him. His mother is having some of her “quiet days,” and doesn’t seem to realize that he is leaving. Fortunately his combination of resourcefulness and naivety helps him get where he wants. He is also lucky enough to meet up with truly helpful people along the way. In the process of describing life on earth to potential aliens, Alex discovers what life really is all about. This is only tangentially about outer space. It is much more about emotional growth. Recommended for thoughtful students in grades 5 and up.

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