The Ethan I Was Before

The Ethan I Was BeforeThe Ethan I Was Before
by Ali Standish
Grades 4 & up

Ethan is having trouble coping after a tragedy involving his best friend. His therapist calls it survivor’s guilt. All he knows is that he can’t stop thinking about Kacey. His parents decide to move the family from Boston to his mother’s small hometown of Palm Knot, Georgia. They move in with his Grandpa Ike, whom Ethan had never met before. Grandpa Ike is very reclusive, and Ethan’s mother seems furious with him. Ethan feels that his older brother blames him for the move, and messing up Roddie’s chance at a baseball scholarship. Against all odds, Ethan begins to make friends again. Just when things seem to be going okay, a series of events bring it all crashing down around — both figuratively and literally with a hurricane headed right towards them. Recommended for grades 4 & up.

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