Midnight Without a Moon

Midnight Without a Moon (Rose Lee Carter #1)Midnight Without a Moon
by Linda Williams Jackson
Grades 6 & up

Rose is thirteen years old in the summer of 1955, living as a sharecropper outside a small town in Mississippi. Her mother remarried several years before, leaving Rose and her brother with their grandparents. Now her mother has gone North to Chicago, and escaped Mississippi, dashing both Rose’s dreams of being with her mother and getting out of the South. Rose’s grandmother refuses to let anyone talk about the NAACP in their house, or even read the Black newspapers, out of fear of being thrown off “their” land. Rose doesn’t let that stop her from gathering information. But when 14-year-old Emmett Till is killed while visiting a town nearby, Rose’s world is turned upside down. A powerful look at life in Mississippi 10 years before Freedom Summer. Important and inspiring reading for anyone wanting to learn more about the Civil Rights movement. Highly recommended for grades 6 and up.

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