The Trouble with Flirting

The Trouble With FlirtingThe Trouble With Flirting
by Claire LaZebnik
Grades 7 & up

Another fantastic YA book from Claire LaZebnik! This one puts a modern spin on Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. (Don’t worry if you haven’t read it, you’ll still love The Trouble with Flirting.) Franny Pearson is spending the summer at the Mansfield Summer Theater Program, except that she is working for her aunt, sewing costumes, instead of being a part of the program. This doesn’t stop her from reconnecting with old friends who had moved away, or making new ones. One of those old friends is a boy she had a crush on in middle school, and one of the new ones is a hottie that is flirting with everyone. It is so easy to jump to conclusions based on appearances, but how can you trust appearances in a group of actors? Who can she trust? This is a fun summer read that will warm up your cold winter!

ARC provided by author.

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