A Question of Magic

A Question of MagicA Question of Magic
by E.D. Baker
Grades 3-8

In this extended version of the fairy tale, Serafina is tricked into becoming the next Baba Yaga by a promised inheritance from a great-aunt she had never heard of. As Baba Yaga, she is able to answer one question for each person truthfully, but becomes older with each answer she gives. As she travels around the war torn kingdom in her house on chicken feet, she does what she can to help the people who ask her questions. But while she ever be able to return to her old life, her family, and her beloved Alek? This is a kinder, gentler Baba Yaga than portrayed in most stories about her. Readers will find themselves rooting for Serafina as she seeks the magic she needs to help those around her and get her life back.

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