Red: A Crayon’s Story

Red: A Crayon's StoryRed: A Crayon’s Story
by Michael Hall
Grades K & up

Red can be read as a simple story about a mislabeled crayon, but it can also be looked at on a much deeper level. The reader sees right away that although Red is labelled “red” and is in a red wrapper, it is clearly a blue crayon. No amount of trying harder or advice from well-intentioned teachers and relatives is going to transform this blue crayon into a red one. It is not until another crayon comes along and appreciates what Red can do (draw things in blue) that Red begins to feel some self-worth.

Red can be looked at as any child who is judged by their outside instead of their actual feelings and abilities. This story can even be used as a way to explain transgender to children — someone who is labelled one way on the outside but is something else entirely on the inside. It is an important read for both parents and educators who often see children as they wish them to be, not as they actually are. I am sure that many children will be able to relate to the feeling of being in the wrong wrapper. Highly recommended for all grades, K & up.

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